From Fashion To Beauty...Why I Made The Switch

Hi everyone,

I know it’s been ages since I wrote a blog post (actually, over a year), but so much has happened since I last wrote. Of all the things that have happened, I recently lost my mother and as a result, I moved back to my birthplace, New York City, to be with my family during this devastating time.

You guys DO remember me right? I know you guys probably forgot but I’m a Fashion-Turned-Beauty-Blogger now. Let me explain…

I did some soul-searching with a business consultant awhile back and realized that fashion really wasn’t my passion. Although I’m interested in Plus Size Fashion and Modeling… it’s not something I’m passionate nor knowledgeable about. I realized that I knew more about hair, makeup, languages and traveling than I did anything else that I could blog about. These were the things I have an interest in, that I am passionate about and that I could help others with.

I get the makeup and hair knowledge from my mother. As far back as I could remember, my mother was a makeup and hair person through and through. Always braiding hair and doing people’s weaves and doing her makeup and other people’s makeup. She always kept my hair slayed growing up.

I remember as a teenager, when we were living in Germany, I would sit in the bathroom and watch my mom do her makeup before she went out for the evening. She would give me tips about how to use highlight on the arch of the eyebrow to accentuate it, how to make a straight line with eyeliner pencil, etc. She also taught me how to braid hair, how to relax it (although I’m a naturalista now), and everything she knew about wearing extensions. My mother cultivated an interest in hair and makeup in me that never left.

I thought about how over the years, my go-to presents to friends were always makeup kits. My friends always knew to buy me lip-glosses and eyeshadows to make me happy. I had done some faces over the years and thought to myself, why don’t I transition from makeup enthusiast to makeup artist? Why don’t I encourage others to travel? Why don’t I raise awareness about black multilinguals and encourage others to pick up a language?

From this came the rebirth of La Deutsche Diva (hair and beauty blog) and the birth of Black Girls Learn Languages, a community that raises awareness of black multilinguals by celebrating black multilingual women as well as inspiring, encouraging and supporting black women who are learning languages. This journey to being an MUA as well as the journey to becoming a polyglot will be a hard one, but I really hope you will join me so we can learn together.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!


La Deutsche Diva

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