Why Sephora Beauty Classes Are Really Worth Taking

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As you know, I’m a Fashion-Turned-Beauty Blogger who is making the transition from Makeup Enthusiast (MUE) to Makeup Artist (MUA). Although I have always had a passion for makeup and over the years with the trends, I really have a newfound joy in applying makeup to other women.

Whether it’s a just eyebrows or a full beat, when she exclaims with such joy “OMG, I look so pretty!” or “YAASSSSS HUNTY YAASSSSS!”, it is one of the most rewarding thing in the world. J Nothing compares to that boost of confidence you give to another woman by beautifying her in some way.

Since my countless petitions to work for Sephora so that I can do what I love all day have went rebuffed (how sway?), I decided that I’m just going to continue to take Sephora’s Beauty Classes that they offer FOR FREE all over the USA!

Although it is a class, you do get one-on-one guidance. This is so beneficial because:

©       If they see you’re using the wrong technique for the effect needed, you’re holding the brush wrong, or you missed a step, the Beauty Consultant will step in and correct you!
©       It is very interactive. They provide you pen and paper to take notes that you can refer to and perform Q&A as they go along to make sure you understand the concepts and the steps.
©       All the Beauty Consultants are certified, which means they know what they are doing. They can help you with questions regarding all skin tones, skin types, etc. I usually use that time to ask about other options for other types of face structures, types and tones since I plan to be an MUA that can do ALL faces.

Best of all, this service is
FREE as long as you are a Beauty Insider. Now, this may sound as if it’s coming off as a sponsored post but it’s not. I’m just trying to build my skill set until Sephora decides they’ll hire me to do what I love. But until then, I’m just going to keep taking their classes and practicing on family members and friends until I’m one of the best MUAs in the game. If you're looking to become an MUA or just to be able to beat your own self to the gods, this is a great, FREE opportunity!

So many benefits to the Sephora Beauty Classes and you really don’t have anything to lose. You’re not obligated to buy anything; all you have to do is sign up online. Some locations even offer you a goodie bag for showing up and an additional goodie bag if you do decide to purchase! So if you’re having problems with certain techniques or achieving certain intended looks, I suggest you sign up for the Sephora class available nearest you. I’ve been to almost a dozen of them by now and I’ve learned so much; my ability to beat has definitely improved ever since (check out my Instagram).

Have you taken any of Sephora’s classes? Do you like them? Know of any other free Beauty Classes held elsewhere? Sound off below!


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